Objective: We need to add sound effects to play when the laser is fired.

To start, we should add an audio source component to the player. Then in the player script we need to add a variable that holds the laser sound clip and a variable to the audio source component that we just made.

with the audio source variable made we need to get the component in void start and then null check it.

Objective: We need to create the enemy lasers.

To start, we need to need to drag our enemy prefab to the hierarchy and put a laser prefab in the hierarchy as well then duplicate it. Next we need to position the lasers to where they will be shot from and create a new empty game object and that’ll hold our two lasers and that will be our enemy shots. Make sure the lasers are positioned a bit outside the collider of the enemy or it’ll just destroy itself.

Objective: We need to fix a bug that causes the laser to still shot the enemy while the explosion animation is still running.

To start, we need to go into our enemy script and destroy the collider since that’s what is letting the game know that the enemy is still being hit.

Objective: We need to make it so an explosion sound effect when the asteroid, player and enemy are destroyed.

To start, we’ll set up the asteroid sound effect by going into our explosion prefab, then add an audio source component and drag the explosion sound effect into the sound clip…

Objective: We need to add some background music for our game.

To start, we should set up an empty game object that represents our audio manager and also create a empty child object that represents our background audio.

Next on the background object we need to add a component called audio source that’ll handle the functionality of playing our background audio. When the component is added drag your audio file to where it says audio clip and then make sure play on awake and loop are check marked so the music starts when the game starts and it doesn’t stop.

Objective: We need to make it so that when the player takes damage we show them that they’ve been hit once and twice.

To start, we need to add the damage sprites as a child object of the player and then position it on top of the player’s right engine…

Jake Boere

I am hard working Game development student learning as much about game development and unity as possible.

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